Terms and Conditions


All Term fees must be paid in full before the first class. If accounts are not settled in full, this will result in you and/or your swimmer not being entitled to attend the class. If you have outstanding fees from previous terms you will need to make full payment before you are able to book any future lessons. All holiday courses and lessons are to be paid at time of enrolment.  

Missed Lessons and Refunds

Streamline Swim School does not issue refunds or make up classes for lessons missed once the term has begun. Lessons missed due to holidays or school trips etc are forfeited. If a swimmer is off due to illness, we can offer a credit for the missed lesson(s) if a valid medical certificate is produced for the swimmer.>

Progression and Development

Swimmers are assessed continually to ensure they are performing skills consistently and competently. A one-off performance does not guarantee skills are learnt, it is in your swimmers best interest to attend weekly and practice in between lessons.

Please communicate with your instructor or the Aquatics Education coordinator if you would like to discuss your swimmer's development.

For your child's safety and progress please let us know of any medical conditions or other concerns which could limit your child's learning ability.  

Child Safety

Please ensure that when your under 8 is attending a lesson that they are supervised in the facility unless under the care of one of our instructors. This means supervised both before the lesson starts and after the lesson finishes.

Preparation for Lessons

  • Arrive five minutes prior to the lesson commencing.
  • Please make sure your child has been to the toilet before the lesson starts.
  • Tight fitting togs and goggles are essential for children learning to swim efficiently. 
  • Long hair tied up is a must and swim caps are recommended. 

Please note: Aquatics Horowhenua reserves the right to change the instructor if the need arises.