Find answers below to some of the most frequently asked questions about our facilities.  

Can a child under 8 years of age use the pool without parent/caregiver supervision?

No. Poolsafe accreditation states all children under 8 must be actively supervised by a caregiver 16 years or over. Actively Supervised means watching your child at all times and able to provide immediate assistance.

What is the percentage of chlorine in the pool water?

We operate with 100% Chlorine Gas and all pools have a set point of 2.5mg/L. Chemical monitoring systems are automated.

How are the germs killed in the pool water?

All pool water quality must be within New Zealand Standards (NZS 5826:2010). To adhere to this the water is both filtered and chemically disinfected. 

How often is the water tested? 

Swimming pool water tests are done every three hours to maintain great water quality. 

Should I shower before I enter the pool? 

It is a great practice to shower before you enter the pool as it will eliminate contaminations into the pool such as moisturisers.

How can I enter the pool if I have a disability? 

The Levin Aquatic Centre has two specially designed mobility hoists available for support entering all the pools and hydrotherapy pool. Please let our trained staff know if you need assistance. The hoists hold up to 135kg and have five different sized slings available. The hoists can be moved around five different locations around the three pools, making it very accessible for members of the public, and are available free of charge for public use.

The Levin Aquatic Centre would like to thank the Horowhenua Community for enabling them to purchase the hoists.

Am I able to book a room for a Birthdays?

Yes, you can book the Social Space or the Conservatory for birthdays. For more information go to the Birthday Party page.

When is the deep lane open? 

Our two-metre deep Deep Lane is available or AquaJogging most times of the day. Public AquaJogging hours are Monday to Friday 6am - 9am and then 12.15pm - 2:00pm. More information can be found on our AquaJogging page.

When is the Hydroslide running?

During the School term, Monday to Friday, it is on between 3.30pm - 6.00pm and in the weekends between 11.00am - 5.00pm.  During the School Holidays we have it running every day between 11.00am - 5.00pm.  For more information visit our Hydroslide page.

Does it cost extra to go on the Hydroslide or Large Inflatables?

No, we do not charge extra to use the hydroslide or large inflatables. 

What are the pool temperatures?

All pools have a set point (Main pool and slide – 29.5 degrees/ Play pool – 32 degrees/ Teach pool – 32 degrees/ Hydrotherapy pool – 34.5 degrees).

What dates will the facilities be closed?

Levin Aquatic Centre (Good Friday, Christmas Day), Foxton Heated Pool (Good Friday, Christmas Day), Shannon School Pool (Christmas Day). 

When are the Foxton and Shannon Pools open? 

Both Foxton and Shannon Pools are seasonal pools and are only open during the summer months. More information about these pools can be found on the Foxton Heated Pool page and Shannon Pool page.