Why should I or my child learn to swim?

Here in New Zealand a lot of our recreational activities are water-based so being able to swim will ensure that you or your child can take part safely and have fun. Living on an island and for most of us being no more than 40 minutes from a beach, river, lake or stream, swimming and aquatic activities is a part of our lifestyle. 

My Child has never had Swimming lessons before. What do I need to do to?

All new students are required to have an assessment before we are able to enrol them into lessons. You can fill in the Streamline Swim School New Student Registration Online Form or phone our Customer Services team on (06) 368 0070.

My Child hasn’t had lessons with Streamline Swim School or hasn’t had lessons for quite some time. What do I need to do?

We will also require them to be assessed before we are able to enrol them. This is to ensure that they are put in the correct level for their skills. You can book online or phone our Customer Services team a ring on (06) 368 0070.

We are going on holiday, can my child have a make up lesson?

No, Streamline Swim School does not offer make up classes for missed classes.

Why doesn't my child improve like others?

We are all different in all areas. You should never compare your child to other children as everyone has different learning and physical capabilities. Developmental stages must always be considered, just like school children are in different reading and math groups. 

Do I need to stay for my child's lesson?

Children under 8 must be actively supervised by a caregiver 16 years or older. Actively Supervised means watching your child at all times and able to provide immediate assistance. Any child under the age of 8 that is found to be in the pool and not actively supervised will be asked to leave the pool and wait until their caregiver returns.

What is the cost of lessons?

A full outline of the different prices of lessons can be found on our Fees and Charges page.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes we do – either for individuals or small groups. You can phone our Customer Services team on (06) 368 0070.

When do enrolments open?

We open enrolment for next terms lessons on the last week of the previous term. See our Events and Activities page for more dates. 

Do you have Adult lessons?

Yes, more information can be found on our Adult Lessons page

My child has completed all of the Streamline Levels, where to next?

A full list of Levin’s best swimming clubs can be found on the Swimming Clubs and Water Sport Clubs page