Penguin Levels



For swimmers who can swim 20m coordinated breaststroke alongside 60m freestyle and backstroke. This course develops stroke technique, diving, breaststroke coordination and prepares for endurance swimming in the main pool. A 60m freestyle and backstroke swim alongside 20m coordinated breaststroke is required to complete the level.

Main pool transition is a large focus in the last three weeks of term.

Streamline Assessment Criteria

  • 20m streamline dolphin body stroke to breathe
  • 60m freestyle and backstroke
  • 20m coordinated breaststroke
  • Streamline diving into glide
  • Introduction to main pool.

Penguin Advanced

Main pool lane swimming begins here

To complete this level a 100m relaxed freestyle and backstroke swim with improved technique and 25m coordinated breaststroke is required. Swimmers will be able to demonstrate diving starts and streamlining into all strokes and will be introduced to butterfly arms and tumble turns.

Streamline Assessment Criteria

  • 50m streamline kick on front and back
  • 100m continuous freestyle
  • 100m continuous backstroke
  • 25m continuous breaststroke
  • Diving into swimming strokes
  • Introduction to butterfly arms and tumble turns.

Next Level

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