Pre-School Tadpoles


Tadpole 1

Starting age 3 years +

The course aim is to develop self-confidence for beginners to the aquatic environment. They will develop independence and enjoyment in the water.

Streamline Assessment Criteria 

  • Safe entries 
  • Happy and confident in the water
  • Assisted front and back float
  • Streamline glide and kick with aid.

Tadpole 2

Starting age 3 years +

For swimmers who are independent and are ready for basic skill development. This course encourages confident floating, streamline glide and kick, introduction to coordinated arms, breathing and bubbles alongside an introduction to backstroke arms and dolphin bodies/dives.

Streamline Assessment Criteria

  • Confident front and back float
  • Streamline glide and kick
  • Coordinated arms, kick and bubbles
  • Introduction to backstroke arms
  • Dolphin bodies and dolphin dives.

Tadpole Advanced

Approximately 3-5yrs old

Caters for children who are confident in the water at gliding, floating unaided and who can demonstrate arms, kicking and bubbles. Tadpole Advanced develops coordination of freestyle breathing technique, backstroke and side kicking.

Streamline Assessment Criteria

  • Streamline kick on front and back
  • Capital T side kick
  • Freestyle breathing technique
  • 5m backstroke
  • Dolphin bodies and dolphin dives.

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