Services at Orange Settings


A valid My Vaccine Pass is no longer required to enter our facilities.  Those under eight must be supervised by an adult (someone aged 16 or over).

Other helpful information

  • Levin Aquatic Centre and Foxton Pools are open
  • Fitness classes are operating
  • Learn to Swim is operating
  • The hydroslide is operating at the Levin Aquatic Centre
  • Inflatables will be available
  • Controlled-access events can go ahead and there are no limits to how many can attend an event or public facility.
  • Face masks must be worn at events and gatherings. They can only be taken off to eat, drink or exercise.


Monday to Friday 6am - 9pm (Levin)

Time Activity
6am to 3pm All services as normal
3pm to 7.30pm Streamline Swim School, Club Bookings and AquaFit
7.30pm to 9pm All services as normal


Saturday - Sunday 8am-6pm (Levin)


Time Activity
8am to 6pm All services as normal
1pm to 4pm Hydroslide open



Time Activity
8am to 6pm All services as normal
1pm to 4pm Hydroslide open


Fitness Classes 

Fitness classes will run on a limited timetable:

  • All AquaRehab classes recommenced in 2022.
  • MoveWell in Foxton will continue at 10.15am at the Te Awahou Masonic Village at Red settings.


Streamline Swim School 

Streamline Swim School Lessons are running as normal for all levels, but with restrictions in place for safe practice.

  • There will be no lane swimming before or after Streamline Swimming lessons on Monday to Thursday from 3pm to 6pm. Play swimming will be limited during these times.