AquaRehab – Hydrotherapy Pool


Based in our brand-new Hydrotherapy pool. A low impact class that helps to increase mobility, strength and flexibility. Specifically designed for those who suffer from arthritis, joint and circulation problems or have limited mobility.

Booking Details

Due to both popularity and demand, we introduced a booking and payment system in March 2017 to ensure the smooth operation of this programme. The main points you need to know are:

  • Any bookings require class payment ($5.00) at the time of booking
  • 24 hours cancellation notice is required
  • Payment is non-refundable if less than 24 hours is cancellation given
  • Bookings can be made one week in advance
  • A waiting list is available and we recommended you use this as spaces do become available
  • Each Aqua Class participated in will require a payment. For example, two classes will cost $10.00.

With the introduction of this system we aim to ensure that all places are filled in a class. This will also help to prevent last minute no-shows, which are disappointing for all, as other participants miss out. We thank you for your understanding during this transition.

Full Terms and Conditions are available at reception.